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Sweet Celebrations

Every great celebration includes food, and Saturday’s Tree of Mercy Benefit was no exception.

The salty goodness of movie popcorn accompanying the film added to the festive feel of the evening.


Those who attended the reception beforehand enjoyed delicious h’ordeuvres such as shrimp crostini or coconut chicken by Goober on the Go. Goober (Gary) pleased the crowd with all of his dishes, but according to my informal poll the hands-down favorites were his “Firebirds”, a bacon/jalapeno/chicken creation.

If you want to work up an appetite here is a video featuring some of the catering options available from Goober on the Go.

Nancy Lozano spent the day serving Zambia Mission, first by catering our Medical Mission team reunion lunch then handling the drinks for the reception. She, along with friend Corina blessed us with their service.

Saturday was a day of celebration for supporters of Zambia Mission, and that celebration was made even sweeter by the contributions of Sherry Brown of Sweet Celebrations. She designed a truly special cupcake display based on our new Zambia Mission logo.

Setting up the Cupcake Display

She even concoted some special cakes based on an African recipe just for the occasion.


Cupcake Display by Sweet Celebrations

What a great display!

Zambia Mission Cupcake Display

Sherry’s cupcake display was just one example of the exceptional efforts put forth by so many toward the ultimate goal of raising funds for a small hospital in a country far away. 

Zambia Mission Cupcake Display

Heartfelt thanks to all who made this “Sweet Celebration” possible!


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