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Southern Zambia Village in the Late Afternoon

Late Afternoon Illumination

Colorful fabrics.  Warm smiles.  Tall grass. If you ever have a chance to spend a day in a southern Zambia village these are a few of the beautiful images that will become etched into your memory. But stick around until the shadows grow long and … Read More


A Gift Remembered

Her face is unknown to me.  Maybe her image is captured in some of the photographs I took that chilly morning.  I don’t know. Her face may not be remembered, but her simple act of faith lives on. Two Sundays, six days separating them, I … Read More


Who’s in Control?

God is our shelter and strength, always ready to help in times of trouble. So we will not be afraid, even if the earth is shaken and mountains fall into the ocean depths; even if the seas roar and rage, and the hills are shaken … Read More

African Chitenge Fabric

Never Leave Town Without One of These in Your Bag

Only one thing could be better than owning a house at the beach, and that is having a generous friend invite you to stay at hers.  Opportunities like that motivate me to get my bags packed before you can blink an eye. Being the fashion trendsetter that I am, … Read More


Impossible Made Possible

  Just nine and twelve years old when we made our first visit to Namwianga Mission in 1997, our children took to life on the mission like ducks to water.  Soon after arriving they had made friends with many of the children there, so when one afternoon our daughter confidently stated … Read More

Amethyst & Hyacinth

Memories in Shades of Purple

  There is an area in southern Zambia where pretty amethyst stones can be found glittering along the roadside, thrown from the mining trucks that rumble along the rutted dirt road that travels by Kabanga Mission. I have gathered theses stones on my visits there, … Read More

Cupcakes by Sweet Celebrations

Sweet Celebrations

Every great celebration includes food, and Saturday’s Tree of Mercy Benefit was no exception. The salty goodness of movie popcorn accompanying the film added to the festive feel of the evening. Those who attended the reception beforehand enjoyed delicious h’ordeuvres such as shrimp crostini or … Read More

Paramount Theater Marquee

Two Women, Two Events

I’m attending two events on Cypress Street in Abilene, Texas this weekend, and they involve the creative work of the two most intriguing women I know. These ladies are like the prisms that hang in my kitchen and classroom windows; multi-faceted, refracting the light of … Read More

Bana Bags from Zambia

Loaves, Fishes, a Film and Fabric

At times I find myself thinking how much more I might get done if I just had the perfect work space. More room, better lighting, perfect storage; if I just had these things right I could really be productive. I’d get those projects done, sew … Read More

Good Wishes Headwrap

A Hug for My Head

Every new day brings important questions that must be decided such as “What shall I eat for breakfast?” or “Should I take the walking trail clockwise or counter-clockwise?” Now another enormously difficult decision faces me each morning; “What shall I use to cover this head of Baby Monkey Hair … Read More