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Embracing Change

“So make friends with whatever’s next.” I read these words from Max Lucado last night.  My friend Corina gave me  the little book  Live Loved: Experiencing God’s Presence in Everyday Life, and the short passages have been just right size to squeeze in before we go to … Read More


How Many Ways Can I Use a Quilt?

Anyone that knows me well knows that I don’t have much tolerance for being cold.  One negative aspect of traveling to Zambia each summer is that I trade a month of summer warmth for a month of winter instead.  Winters in Zambia are mild compared to … Read More

Woman from Oxcart Being Laid on Ground

A View From the Wheelbarrow

One image keeps coming to my mind.  It is about 1998 and we are in a small village in Zambia called Kabanga.  We are conducting a medical clinic and as a co-director of Zambia Medical Mission my husband has been sought out to help a … Read More

African Chitenge Fabric

Tree of Mercy Dinner

In southern Zambia a small hospital sits in the shade of a sycamore fig tree. A few years ago this hospital was just a dream.  Today the dream is a reality, partly due to funds raised at a dinner held each fall.  Every dollar raised at the … Read More