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A Week of Gifts

I was the recipient of several gifts this week.  My cousin, Joy, surprised me with a book,  then later another box arrived in the mail from her.  This one contained some lovely skin lotion she had made. Its ingredients were all-natural, and it smelled wonderful!  My mom … Read More



In my last post I showed you my alley trash jewelry organizer, and mentioned that I might have encountered a small problem.  I had it in my mind all along that those drawer fronts would fit perfectly on each side of my triple-mirror dressing area.  I intended to … Read More


What Should I Say to Someone Who Has Cancer?

What shoud I say to someone who has cancer?  Or some other dreadful disease? Or someone who has suffered a great loss?  Have you struggled with these questions?  I certainly have.  I’ve never felt equipped with the exact right words, and I have let this hold … Read More


Done. And I have the paper to prove it!

You might have heard the cheering where you were.  About 3:15pm today. Done.  Finished.  External radiation completed.  The daily treatments were actually quite painless and quick.  Lie down on the table, let them line me up just right, stay still while the machine zapped me from the left side, the top, … Read More