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Colonial wig styling tools

A New Head of Hair

  Great view, nice nail polish.  Life is looking good from the rooftop pool of my son’s apartment building.  That’s the Jefferson Memorial just above my left toe.  Hugging my son for the first time in eight months has been the highlight of my trip, … Read More

Sewing Notions in a Basket

Do You Sew?

She asked the question as she came through the door into my classroom as we returned from the cafeteria.    Our school days are busy, and free moments to chat one-on-one are limited, so the conversation we had was brief, but it stuck in my mind … Read More

Bana Bags from Zambia

Loaves, Fishes, a Film and Fabric

At times I find myself thinking how much more I might get done if I just had the perfect work space. More room, better lighting, perfect storage; if I just had these things right I could really be productive. I’d get those projects done, sew … Read More


How Many Ways Can I Use a Quilt?

Anyone that knows me well knows that I don’t have much tolerance for being cold.  One negative aspect of traveling to Zambia each summer is that I trade a month of summer warmth for a month of winter instead.  Winters in Zambia are mild compared to … Read More



In my last post I showed you my alley trash jewelry organizer, and mentioned that I might have encountered a small problem.  I had it in my mind all along that those drawer fronts would fit perfectly on each side of my triple-mirror dressing area.  I intended to … Read More


Alley Trash to Jewelry Stash

My house was built in 1929.  The neighborhood doesn’t have a home owners’ association imposing strict guidelines about life or death matters like whether you garage door is left open too long.  Good thing, because the house doesn’t have a garage.  Well, it originally did have a … Read More


It’s Back to Work I Go

  My little lap dog seems to think my recent illness was the greatest thing that ever happened to her.  Her normal routine of napping in any sliver of sunshine she can find is usually interrupted only by the thump of the mail being dropped in our … Read More


Vintage Valentines

Here are a few of my favorite Valentines just for you. I miss being at school today. Valentine’s Day is BIG in fifth grade.  My substitute  is probably enjoying chocolate and valentine cards from my students.  I’m certain those cards will be a bit different than … Read More

I Prefer to Talk About Flowers

 I don’t know what brought you here today, but I’m glad you stopped by. Maybe we find ouselves together because we share an interest.  Junk perhaps, or gardening. I know some of you check in here to read a bit from the chapter of my life … Read More

It’s Not the Same Around Here

  It was hard to see them go.  My daughter’s latest artistic project, painting a floral pattern on four drapery panels, has been completed and delivered to the customer.  She began the project in late December.  While she attended to my post-surgical needs she also spent … Read More