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A Nod of Thanks

Wisdom can come from surprising sources.   Bedtime read-aloud time did not cease at our house when our children became adults, instead my husband became the audience.  He lets me choose the reading material, so a recent revisiting of Winnie-the-Pooh revealed some profound truth from the mouth of … Read More


Colorful Memories of Black Friday

With Thanksgiving behind us the Christmas season is officially upon us, but I’m not quite ready to leave those fall colors behind. Instead of searching for bargains at the mall I spent a little time on Black Friday discovering some color in my backyard. After … Read More

Daisy in a Fence

Looking Back and Giving Thanks

The turkey is still thawing, the pies are baking, but yesterday was November 22, and it was a thanksgiving day for me. November 22, 2010. I was alone in my bedroom when the phone rang. Though it was still morning my husband was in charge … Read More

Grandma's Iron Bed

A Letter to My Grandma

Dear Grandma, If I have been rich in anything in this life, it has been grandparents. Two sets of grandparents and three sets of great-grandparents were there to greet me when I came into this world, and I remember all of them, though one of … Read More

Paramount Theater Marquee

Two Women, Two Events

I’m attending two events on Cypress Street in Abilene, Texas this weekend, and they involve the creative work of the two most intriguing women I know. These ladies are like the prisms that hang in my kitchen and classroom windows; multi-faceted, refracting the light of … Read More

Bana Bags from Zambia

Loaves, Fishes, a Film and Fabric

At times I find myself thinking how much more I might get done if I just had the perfect work space. More room, better lighting, perfect storage; if I just had these things right I could really be productive. I’d get those projects done, sew … Read More

Flower Garden at Mt Vernon

Prettying Up to Visit George and Tom

The story of our country’s birth is one with an amazing cast of characters. After spending hours of my life imparting knowledge and stirring interest in these founding fathers to fifth graders I have become quite fond of a few of them. For example, I … Read More

Vintage Map of the Middle Atlantic States

Earthquakes and Hurricanes in Washington, Oh My!

“Floor-to-ceiling windows seemed like such a good idea…” That comment came from my son as he and his wife, along with throngs of other East Coast residents, navigated crowded store aisles to stock up on food, water, batteries, etc. in preparation for Hurricane Irene. It … Read More

Wooden Shingles with Moss

There’s No Place Like Home

  I came home from my first day back to work to a strangely quiet house.  After a summer of sharing my home with my children, their relatives, their dogs, their friends, even their friends’ dogs, our nest is almost empty again. The dorm dweller … Read More

Good Wishes Headwrap

A Hug for My Head

Every new day brings important questions that must be decided such as “What shall I eat for breakfast?” or “Should I take the walking trail clockwise or counter-clockwise?” Now another enormously difficult decision faces me each morning; “What shall I use to cover this head of Baby Monkey Hair … Read More