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Succulents in the Light

In From the Cold

It’s kind of crowded in my kitchen.  The not so cold-hardy plant bargains I couldn’t pass up a while back are now taking up some significant square footage around here.  At least this one doesn’t have to be moved every time I sweep the floor! … Read More

Green-eyed cat among the succulents

Another Pesky Spot

Cats come and go in our neighborhood.  Most don’t impress me too much or last too long.  Spot was an exception.  A yellow cat with no spots whatsoever, he lived on our street for years and years, coming and going as he pleased.  He was … Read More

Bee feasting on nectar in a red hollyhock blossom

Flowers and Sunshine

Flowers in my garden make me happy, happy, happy. What made you happy today?   Blessings,    


Seeds of Hope

  The story is reaching its conclusion.   The show began in the warm days of summer.   Bright little leaves were followed by more, larger and laced with purple. It would be worth growing the purple hyacinth bean in the garden just for the leaf’s pleasant heart-shaped outline … Read More

Ruffled Feathers_800

Another Day of Thanksgiving

  Two years ago-   A Thanksgiving holiday full of uncertainty.   Still reeling from the diagnosis of cancer only days before, we came to the family gathering with  more questions than answers.   We were playing the waiting game that some of you know all too well. Waiting for the oncologist appointment, … Read More

Fredricksburg flags

Freedom and a Fall Morning in Fredricksburg

I didn’t come for a ceremony.  The beautiful fall  morning in  Fredricksburg, was perfect for a window-shopping stroll; cool, clear and not-too-crowded. With the exception of my long -awaited and giddiness-inducing visit to Carol Hicks Bolton Antiquities, I have more interest in the buildings the shops occupy and the gardens that … Read More

"Welcome" Garden Sign

And Then the Squirrel Moved In

This is the message that greets visitors to my garden. Rather, it did.  Until recently. If you look carefully in the background on the left side of the sign you will see one of two wire baskets that hang near my house.  They were once home to … Read More


Watercolor Memories

  Minutes. Hours. Days.  They trickle away like water through my fingers.  As I experience them the moments seem full, busy, and even meaningful, but when I turn to look back upon them I do not see them as crisp and clearly defined in my mind, but instead most of them have become a blur.  … Read More


U. S. Botanic Garden

The U. S. Botanic Garden  is the oldest continually operating botanic garden in the United States.  Home to almost 10,000 living specimens, some of them over 165 years old, there was plenty to feast my eyes on during my recent visit.  Here are just a few … Read More


and the things of Earth will grow strangely dim…

Turn your eyes upon Jesus Look full in His wonderful face   and the things of Earth will grow strangely dim in the light of His Glory and Grace.      Blessings,