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They’re Back…

Fourth grade is a distant memory these days, but as I think back to that year three things stand out as highlights.  First, our tiny school did not have enough girls in seventh and eighth grade to field a girl’s basketball team, so they moved up all the fourth … Read More


My Little Bit of Eden

Sometimes dreams do come true.  No, I didn’t win the lottery.  That one probably won’t come true since I don’t buy lottery tickets.  But a little gardening dream of mine has become reality. I ran across this 2002 Wayside Gardens catalog in a stash of … Read More

Pink Rose

So How’s That Working for Me?

As I have mentioned in an earlier post, my rememberer seems to be broken.  That part of me has never functioned at full capacity, but of late it is in a terrible state of disrepair.  Friends and family try to encourage me with stories of their … Read More


Time Marches On

The hay bales in the field next to my grandmother’s house that provided hours of fun for the grandchildren on Thanksgiving day are mostly gone.  Only a few bales remained Easter weekend, and the space were they once were was covered instead with beautiful bluebonnets in … Read More


April in Bloom

It’s that lovely time of year when Earth springs to life, and for about a week we have spring in West Texas.   Weekend temperatures reaching the upper nineties reminded me that summer is lurking just around the corner, but for now I am content to enjoy each fleeting … Read More


Finding the Forgotten

  Ever tuck something away for safe keeping only to forget about it for a time?  It could be spring bulbs popping up in unexpected corners of the garden.  A photograph of a long-forgotten event. A twenty dollar bill in a hidden purse pocket.  A special scripture that speaks to your heart.  … Read More

Grape Hyacinths-Muscari

Turf Wars

I’m a garden gal, not a lawn lady, so little by little over the years I have managed to turn various patches of turf into flower beds.  I have my eye on a few more spots, and these little gems are my first sneaky step toward … Read More

Amethyst & Hyacinth

Memories in Shades of Purple

  There is an area in southern Zambia where pretty amethyst stones can be found glittering along the roadside, thrown from the mining trucks that rumble along the rutted dirt road that travels by Kabanga Mission. I have gathered theses stones on my visits there, … Read More


Cabbage Head or Chemo Brain?

 As unattractive as this photo is, it is beautiful to me because it is evidence of the healing process my body has gone through in the last few months. Chemotherapy drugs are designed to attack reproducing cells, but unfortunately they cannot tell the difference between … Read More


Colorful Memories of Black Friday

With Thanksgiving behind us the Christmas season is officially upon us, but I’m not quite ready to leave those fall colors behind. Instead of searching for bargains at the mall I spent a little time on Black Friday discovering some color in my backyard. After … Read More