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A Week of Gifts

I was the recipient of several gifts this week.  My cousin, Joy, surprised me with a book,  then later another box arrived in the mail from her.  This one contained some lovely skin lotion she had made. Its ingredients were all-natural, and it smelled wonderful!  My mom … Read More


Alley Trash to Jewelry Stash

My house was built in 1929.  The neighborhood doesn’t have a home owners’ association imposing strict guidelines about life or death matters like whether you garage door is left open too long.  Good thing, because the house doesn’t have a garage.  Well, it originally did have a … Read More

Bible open to the Psalms

Top Ten Things I Want to Do While Whipping Cancer

2010 has been quite a year of losses and heartaches, and it has ended with a diagnosis of uterine cancer and a hysterectomy for me.  While it is not what I would have chosen, this experience has given me yet another opportunity to experience God’s … Read More


How Do You Define Junk?

The other day I decided I needed to paint a few signs for my classroom, so I went on a little search through the various sheds in our yard looking for a piece of wood just the right size.  I didn’t really find what I … Read More

Here I Go

Beginning.  That is the hardest part of most endeavors.  Nothing is accomplished if it is not begun, so here is my first step down the path.