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A Week of Gifts

I was the recipient of several gifts this week.  My cousin, Joy, surprised me with a book,  then later another box arrived in the mail from her.  This one contained some lovely skin lotion she had made. Its ingredients were all-natural, and it smelled wonderful!  My mom … Read More


It’s Back to Work I Go

  My little lap dog seems to think my recent illness was the greatest thing that ever happened to her.  Her normal routine of napping in any sliver of sunshine she can find is usually interrupted only by the thump of the mail being dropped in our … Read More


Vintage Valentines

Here are a few of my favorite Valentines just for you. I miss being at school today. Valentine’s Day is BIG in fifth grade.  My substitute  is probably enjoying chocolate and valentine cards from my students.  I’m certain those cards will be a bit different than … Read More

Radiation Treatment

Was it sunny where you were yesterday?  We had an absolutely beautiful sun-filled day here.  It was a great day for me to bask in the sunshine and get a dose of vitamin D.   The Carolina jessamine and rosemary must have used that radiant energy to carry … Read More

Bible open to the Psalms

Top Ten Things I Want to Do While Whipping Cancer

2010 has been quite a year of losses and heartaches, and it has ended with a diagnosis of uterine cancer and a hysterectomy for me.  While it is not what I would have chosen, this experience has given me yet another opportunity to experience God’s … Read More

rose and seed

What do you give a gardener for her birthday?

  If you are a ten year old boy you might ask your mom for a vase and pluck a sweet little rose from your yard.   A Cecile Bruner perhaps?  Let’s take another look. Notice the special touch he added to the arrangement? This gift giver is … Read More

Angel and Seeds

What do you give a gardener?

If you want to give a gift to a gardener, what do you give? If you are a fifth grade boy you can find the answer in your lunch bag.  After the first few days of school I received this unexpected gift. A seed freshly … Read More