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Iron Finials with Ice

Winter Wonderland

Winter road trips northward can be risky endeavors.  Part of our family lore is the recalling of an ill-fated trip to Oklahoma one Christmas morning.  At the halfway-point of our trip, finding the roads impassable, we enjoyed a holiday feast of convenience store burritos then … Read More


Seeds of Hope

  The story is reaching its conclusion.   The show began in the warm days of summer.   Bright little leaves were followed by more, larger and laced with purple. It would be worth growing the purple hyacinth bean in the garden just for the leaf’s pleasant heart-shaped outline … Read More


My Little Bit of Eden

Sometimes dreams do come true.  No, I didn’t win the lottery.  That one probably won’t come true since I don’t buy lottery tickets.  But a little gardening dream of mine has become reality. I ran across this 2002 Wayside Gardens catalog in a stash of … Read More

Pink Rose

So How’s That Working for Me?

As I have mentioned in an earlier post, my rememberer seems to be broken.  That part of me has never functioned at full capacity, but of late it is in a terrible state of disrepair.  Friends and family try to encourage me with stories of their … Read More


April in Bloom

It’s that lovely time of year when Earth springs to life, and for about a week we have spring in West Texas.   Weekend temperatures reaching the upper nineties reminded me that summer is lurking just around the corner, but for now I am content to enjoy each fleeting … Read More


Colorful Memories of Black Friday

With Thanksgiving behind us the Christmas season is officially upon us, but I’m not quite ready to leave those fall colors behind. Instead of searching for bargains at the mall I spent a little time on Black Friday discovering some color in my backyard. After … Read More

Oatmeal Muffins and a Cup of Coffee

Five Thoughts

  If a job’s pay scale was determined by how difficult it is to get a bathroom break I would surely be earning a triple-digit salary. On the bright side, I don’t start my work day by donning a Kevlar vest and getting  a  pain-killing shot like the … Read More

Vintage Map of the Middle Atlantic States

Earthquakes and Hurricanes in Washington, Oh My!

“Floor-to-ceiling windows seemed like such a good idea…” That comment came from my son as he and his wife, along with throngs of other East Coast residents, navigated crowded store aisles to stock up on food, water, batteries, etc. in preparation for Hurricane Irene. It … Read More

Wooden Shingles with Moss

There’s No Place Like Home

  I came home from my first day back to work to a strangely quiet house.  After a summer of sharing my home with my children, their relatives, their dogs, their friends, even their friends’ dogs, our nest is almost empty again. The dorm dweller … Read More

Good Wishes Headwrap

A Hug for My Head

Every new day brings important questions that must be decided such as “What shall I eat for breakfast?” or “Should I take the walking trail clockwise or counter-clockwise?” Now another enormously difficult decision faces me each morning; “What shall I use to cover this head of Baby Monkey Hair … Read More