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I Prefer to Talk About Flowers

 I don’t know what brought you here today, but I’m glad you stopped by. Maybe we find ouselves together because we share an interest.  Junk perhaps, or gardening. I know some of you check in here to read a bit from the chapter of my life entitled “Cancer”.  So let’s start with that.

Paper Flower Pattern
To answer the question “Am I ready for chemotherapy?” I will say “Not yet.”  I’m still getting radiated daily. Eight down, seventeen more to go.  Then I will have three weekly internal radiation treatments.  So no chemo yet.   The above advertisement did come in handy for flower making though, and flower making is a prettier topic than radiation-induced intestinal distress, so flower making is what you will find here today.

Child's Red Pants

I know, those aren’t flowers, they are used clothes. 

Blue Blouse

 But  they are about to become flowers.

Gray Slacks

These gray slacks have given me great flower-making pleasure. If their former owner happens to be reading this please know how much I appreciate the fact that you abandoned those britches. The texture and weight of the nubby gray fabric make perfect petals, and the black lining fabric singes nicely into lovely flower centers.  Two for the price of one, and the price was $0.00, so I call that a bargain.

Flower Shape

A nice simple flower shape makes the first layer.  Sometimes I just freehand the flower shape, but this time I cut a pattern by folding the paper in half, then in thirds. 

Paper Petal Pattern

Somewhere I learned a neat trick for making the petals symmetrical.  Fold the top layer in half again, cut the desired petal shape just to the fold line.  Then unfold the top layer and use the shape to guide in cutting the other half of the petal. 

Use the pattern to cut the fabric flower shapes.  The base layer is unfolded, then each piece is folded in half and layed in an alternating arrangement.Stacking Flower Layers

A scrap of black velveteen adds contrast.  Carefully singe the edges of circles cut from the lining fabric to form some nice inner petals.  Careful on this step, don’t want to interupt the creative process with a visit from the fire department.

Parts Ready to be Assembled

Stack up the layers, topping it with a button.

Gray Flower

Variation:  Use a bit of the red velveteen and a pretty button to jazz it up.

flower with red buttone

Here is a denim variety.

Flower ConstructionI cut the ends off the sleeves of the blue blouse and gathered the raw edges together.  I sewed these together with the denim flower shapes.  You could use glue if you prefer.

Blue ButtonsMy favorite step.  Decisions, decisions.  Which button to use?

French Knot Details

Decision made, french knots added for a little fun.  This one is my favorite, at least for today.

Tomorrow my Valentine and I will take a little trip. 

Okay, so it’s a three hour drive to the out-of-town doctor, but it’s still a trip.  I love car time together.  Scraps can become flowers, long trips to the doctor can be a Valentine getaway.

May tomorrow be your best Valentines Day ever, or may it at least include chocolate!


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    Impressed! I bet you could turn them into baby headbands or hair clips. What a fun project!

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