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Do You Sew?

She asked the question as she came through the door into my classroom as we returned from the cafeteria.    Our school days are busy, and free moments to chat one-on-one are limited, so the conversation we had was brief, but it stuck in my mind and I’ve thought of it often in the last few days. 

“Do you sew?”  she asked me. 

 I was a little sad about my answer.  “I do.  Well, I know how, but I don’t get around to doing it as much as I would like.” 

“Like with a needle?” she questioned me.  Then she told me about how some volunteers from the nearby university come to her church each week and do activities with the kids there.  This week, she informed me, they had done sewing .  “With a needle and thread!”  As she gave me this report her face lit up and her voice was filled with excitement.  She shared how much she had loved learning this new skill, that she could hardly wait for next week when she could sew some more, and that she had a dream to “design” and “make things”.  I talked of projects I longed to have more time for, whether they involved a sewing machine, a crochet hook, or a needle and embroidery thread.  So many projects, so little time!

 Our talk was brief, occurring in a quick moment as we moved from one thing to the next.  So many students, so little time!   But in that moment, short as it was, we understood each other.  We weren’t teacher and student, but two people with a common interest. 

We quickly moved back into the classroom and went on with the business of school.  I was back to being teacher, she was one of a classroom of full students.  But she’s been on my mind a lot since that moment.  I see her face, glowing with excitement, and it makes me smile.

And I’ve been tuning up that sewing machine.


Do you sew?





  1. Mom
    Posted 17 Nov ’11 at 7:43 am | Permalink

    Funny how such a simple question can stir up a person’s yearnings. Now I want to sew!

  2. Posted 17 Nov ’11 at 7:48 am | Permalink

    I like this.

  3. Posted 10 Jan ’12 at 11:40 pm | Permalink

    I have the privilege of teaching young girls to see in 4-H. It is amazing how they love it. Some call it a dying craft, but I’m seeing it grow with the young girls today. There is something quite comforting in putting needle to thread.

    BTW…do you still have the log cabin quilt that was on Jessalyn’s bed back when I was in college? Readig this post brought it to mind.I think log cabin is one of my favorite patterns.

  4. Posted 10 Jan ’12 at 11:41 pm | Permalink

    Oops…that was supposed to read- teaching young girls to SEW.

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