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The Art of Creek Walking

A dry creek bed on an autumn day is just too good to resist.   

Dirt Road in the Afternoon Sun

Our family loaded up for a little After-Thanksgiving outing. Not to the mall, but the pasture.  The more serious sportsmen in our group headed on down the road to the fishing hole to try their luck luring a bass, or if that didn’t pan out maybe they’d just waste some ammo shooting at stumps.

Walking in a Dry Creek Bed

 The rest of us took one look at the dry creek bed,  unloaded out of the pick-up,  and proceeded to do some creek walking.

Tree Roots in a Dry Creek Bed

Now if you are not an experienced creek walker you may need a little explanation.   Creek walking is a special kind of walking.  It’s not hiking.  It’s not get-your-heart-rate up kind of walking.  It’s not the kind of walking you do to get to school or the store.  As a matter of fact the point isn’t to get you to any particular destination.   And it may not even require walking at all.

Napping in the Creek Bed

After all, it is done in a dry creek bed, and beds are great places for napping.

Creek Bank in Late Afternoon

But for those inclined to walk, it’s more about discovering than walking.

Tree Roots in the Creek Bed

A look around shows the usually secret and hidden pattern of tree roots, now exposed and open to examination, thanks to the power of water’s force over time.

Autumn Trees in Late Afternoon

Slowing down long enough to look up rewards with a view of light playing in the treetops and leaves aflame with color.

Oak Tree in Autumn

But it’s the view at your feet that really gives creek walking its thrill.

Dry Creek Bed

So much to be discovered down here!

Fossils and Dried Leaves Found in a Dry Creek Bed

Scurrying and hurrying aren’t the name of the game. There are treasures to be found.

Finding Fossils

And what a find it was this day!  The walk might not have burned many calories, but it did get our heart rate up a bit when we took a look at this discovery.

Uncovering a FossilCreek walking always yields a good return of crinoid fossils, or  ”pop rocks,” as we refer to them.  But this find was unlike any we had ever seen in our neck of the woods.

Crinoid Fossils

This fossil discovery looks like the fossils we are familiar with, but oh so much larger!

Crinoid Fossils

Pretty amazing, huh?  Fossil experts out there, feel free to weigh in with your opinions!

Crinoid FossilsCall us crazy, but no after-Thanksgiving bargain could have thrilled us a much as this creek bed discovery.  Hope you were just as pleased with your finds!



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