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It’s Not the Same Around Here


Flower designIt was hard to see them go.  My daughter’s latest artistic project, painting a floral pattern on four drapery panels, has been completed and delivered to the customer. 

Floral Design

She began the project in late December.  While she attended to my post-surgical needs she also spent many hours painting the beautiful designs.   What could have been an unpleasant time for me became a calm and peaceful recovery period spent resting, crocheting and reading while she painted in the next room. 

Painting Flowers

Music accompanied the brushstrokes, a delightful mixture of Pandora Radio stations.  Many days it was Hillsong praise songs,  but Nora Jones, French tunes, and an assortment of other offerings added variety.Painting Drapes

The iPhone wasn’t the only source of musical entertainment.  When Jess needed a break from her artistic endeavors she would pick up the guitar and sing.  If  her friend Stephanie was around she might do her part with the guitar or the piano, and if he happened to be home KB could be counted on for some banjo tunes or his latest musical interest, the harmonica.   I even had my own private concert when they brought in the standup bass and had a little bluegrass jam session.   The combination of art and music was a great recipe for healing.

Standup Bass

The more she painted on those drapes the more I thought they really needed to stay at my house. 


I’m ashamed to admit that I secretly hoped that her client would decide they weren’t right for her home and I would somehow be able to keep the beautiful panels here.  Where they obviously belonged.

Drape panel and chair

Drapes and Bass

Alas, it was not to be.  The customer was pleased, so the sad day arrived when they were folded up and carried away.  My dining room just doesn’t seem the same without those beautiful flowers.

Folding the drapes

My daughter breathed a sigh of relief when the project was completed and she was free to move on to new endeavors, but the place seems empty without that project filling my dining room.


Or maybe it’s not the drapes I’m missing…


  1. Posted 28 Jan ’11 at 10:38 am | Permalink

    The detail work is interesting. It almost looks like embroidery… I’m continually amazed at what artists can make with paint!

    I can see what you’re saying, Laura. The colors work perfectly in your space… and what a peaceful process.

    Jess- nice work!

    • Laura
      Posted 28 Jan ’11 at 1:11 pm | Permalink

      What artistic endeavors are you in the middle of right now Katrina? Share with us!

  2. Posted 31 Jan ’11 at 10:04 am | Permalink

    God is funny, isn’t He? He gives me enough of a creative push, resources and space to make artwork and then He takes me out of it for a bit (to the best of my understanding – it is most likely so I can’t take the credit). Lately, a lot of the creative juices are going into cooking and designing / optimizing websites. Maybe new opportunities and the privilege to be available to paint and draw will surface again. We shall see… For now, I am enjoying reading your creative pursuits!

    …Are you missing the classroom?

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