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Sweet Holiday

A few days over thirty years ago my husband carved a special message to me in a heart-shaped stone from the banks of the Krishna river in India.  Many of the things I brought home with me from that trip have disappeared over the years, but this memento is one I wouldn’t part with.  It hangs on my bedroom wall, and it makes me happy.

I Love You carved in rock from river in India 

 My Valentine had a business breakfast this morning, but our Sunday morning breakfast toast was a pre-Valentine’s Day celebration for us. 

Valentine Breakfast Toast

Since the cookie cutter was out it seemed like a good idea to bake up a batch of cookies.

Cookie Cutter Heart

I decided to try the Sugar Cookie Cutouts recipe from the Mary Engelbreit cookie cookbook.   Simple buttery goodness.

Sugar Cookies from the Mary Engelbreit Cookbook

The man of the house likes them plain and unadorned.

Sugar Cookie Hearts 

I am partial to pink icing.

Cookies with Pink Icing

Holidays are small milestones in our lives.   They heighten our awareness of the passing of time.  They are an opportunity to pause to notice those that are dear to us.  To celebrate the past, to look forward to the future. 

Last Valentine’s Day I was recovering from surgery, undergoing radiation.  I was very aware that the  future was not something to be taken for granted.  

It is hard to believe that a year  has passed.  Back to the sugar-charged excitement of a fifth grade classroom I remember a quiet holiday at home last year, and I am reminded how far I have come in the past 365 days. 

Holidays are small milestones in our lives.   We remember.  And we notice. 

We are still here. 

Let’s celebrate.


Two Cookie Hearts





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  1. Posted 14 Feb ’12 at 11:04 pm | Permalink

    simple thankfulness ~ always good to be reminded!! thanks.

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