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Winter Wonderland

Winter road trips northward can be risky endeavors.  Part of our family lore is the recalling of an ill-fated trip to Oklahoma one Christmas morning.  At the halfway-point of our trip, finding the roads impassable, we enjoyed a holiday feast of convenience store burritos then turned the car around and headed home.  No pumpkin pie.  No turkey or ham.  No cranberry sauce.  Yet the taste of that meal has grown sweeter with time, a holiday-gone-wrong, made right by the seasoning of time.

This weekend we embarked upon that same journey under misty skies and above-freezing temperatures, but  as we headed north we quickly noted a change of scenery.  The sun-warmed roadways remained amazingly clear while everything else around us was covered with a frosty coating of ice.

Icy Landscape

Familiar landscapes and common object were transformed.

Barbed Wire Covered With Ice

Barbed Wire with Ice

This thrilled me in a ridiculous way.  I couldn’t help but feel like it was put there as a gift for me.

Iron Wheel with Ice

Ice-Covered Fence

IronWheel Covered with Ice and Wintry Landscape

Iron Fence with Ice

The scenery for our journey home the next day was even more spectacular, with sunlight glistening on all that ice- a stunning vision of shimmering, dripping lovliness!   The camera was packed away, but the sight of that landscape is bright in my memory.  Stored away, right there alongside recollections of the Convenience Store Christmas Feast of 2002.




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