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What Will I Wear Today?


What do your clothes say about you? 

Are you a rule follower?  You wouldn’t be caught dead wearing  white after Labor Day, you actually change your purse to match your outfit, so on and so forth.  You’re a good little soldier, staying in step with tradition. 

Colonial Fife and Drums

 Do you like to take a look around to see what everyone else is up to?  Pinterest can be your be a great fashion friend.  So many stylish clothes and even complete outfits with the perfect accessories.  Someone else has already done the thinking decision making!  I am especially inspired by a couple of friends I follow, both conveniently named ”Lisa.”  I long to pull off the ”Lisa Look”  at least once in my life!

  Colonial Fife and Drum

Do you use clothing to express your unique personality?  Colonial Soldiers

Maybe you turn a deaf ear to the voice of the crowd and really shake things up with your one-of-a-kind outfits.

Colonial Soldiers and Cannon

My daughter was sporting a stylish hooded blouse recently, and when I complimented her on her great look she confessed it was just a normal blouse she was wearing upside down.  Hard to picture that isn’t it?  Take my word for it, it was quite stylish.  On her.  Probably wouldn’t have the same effect if I tried it, it would just look like my absent-mindedness had struck during the dressing process.  Like it does when I wear two different earrings because I dressed in the dark.

Woman in Colonial Blacksmith Shop

Are you fond of dressing up?  Do you like to show your feminine side?

Colonial Dresses

 Or you may be a guy who knows how to attract the ladies with a dashing, manly look.Colonial Attire

Some of us tend to be more practical, choosing our clothing for comfort and usefulness  in our daily life.  It’s always safe to stick to the basics.  

Woman in Silversmith Shop

Maybe shoes and accessories are the things that make your heart go a-flutter?

Colonial Soldiers

Then there are always those occasions that call for just the right outfit, the right blend of function and form.

Sidesaddle Riding Attire


Some of you are quick with a needle, and you can whip up something all your own when the need arises. 

Colonial Wigmaker

 Maybe you dream of finery worthy of a magazine cover, but you find yourself in a situation that really limits the clothing you are able to obtain.  Your job may dictate your attire.  Or your not-so-fat pocketbook may be the thing holding you back.  Colonial Dress  

Even with these constraints most of us have a great deal of freedom to express our personality through our clothing today.   Unlike the 18th century when dress marked your place in society, we celebrate our independence every day when we go to our closets. 

Young history scholars may enjoy exploring clothing of the 1700s and other details of life in colonial times through educational material available here.  A Dress the Part web activity introduces students to eighteenth-century clothing and its relationship to social status. Students are invited to appropriately clothe one male and one female individual from each level of society.  Kind of a fancy and educational set of paperdolls!

Betwixt Folly and Fate is an immersive 3-D role playing game that places players in 1774 Williamsburg as one of four characters:

An enslaved house servant
A free black carpenter
A midwife’s assistant
A young gentleman

In each role, players face the challenges of daily life in early America while learning about the social classes and customs of the time.

The gift of freedom comes to us in a variety of packages.  Some are large, impressive, and hard to miss.  Others are small, and may seem insignificant.  Freedom to open my closet and make a choice is a little gift, but it’s one that brings a bit of joy to my heart today. 



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