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And Then the Squirrel Moved In

This is the message that greets visitors to my garden. Rather, it did.  Until recently.

Welcome Sign with Vines

If you look carefully in the background on the left side of the sign you will see one of two wire baskets that hang near my house.  They were once home to some lovely flowers.

Hanging Flower Basket

Then a certain stranger started hanging around.  An innocent looking character.

Squirrel on the Sidewalk

His first visits were brief and polite.


As the summer wore on he began to feel more at home. 


Like a bad-mannered house guest who scatters his belongings around and rummages through your cabinets, this fellow began to overstay his welcome.


Pretty soon the annoying critter had taken over the place.  What was once a home for colorful moss rose and petunias was now a Squirrel Spa and Food Storage Center.   Evidently nicely watered potting soil makes a very cool and comfy lounging spot for sun-baked squirrels.  Plus it’s much easier on the paws when digging a hole to store up snacks for the future.   

Hanging planter after the squirrels

Watching from my kitchen window was like watching HGTV.  Every day a new episode of Extreme Home Makeover: Squirrel Edition was played out before me in a flurry of digging, burying, unearthing, and rearranging. 

Planter after the squirrels

 My planters took on a whole new look.

Squirrel Destruction

The show was entertaining, but I wasn’t too impressed with the new decor.

Squirrel Destruction

This experience has inspired me to do some redecorating of my own. I’ve updated my garden sign with this new look:

"Go Away" Garden Sign


"Go Away" Garden Sign

Hope the guy can read!

"Go Away" Garden Sign

Lord, you are the Giver of all good things.  Let one of those good things be the gift of the wisdom to say “Go Away” to small things with the potential for great destruction. Amen.




  1. Josh
    Posted 31 Oct ’12 at 8:50 am | Permalink

    Love it.

  2. Mom
    Posted 1 Nov ’12 at 4:54 pm | Permalink

    Me, too!

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