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In From the Cold

It’s kind of crowded in my kitchen.  The not so cold-hardy plant bargains I couldn’t pass up a while back are now taking up some significant square footage around here.  At least this one doesn’t have to be moved every time I sweep the floor!

Succulents at the Window

It had hung in a perfect little spot at the corner of the courtyard outside my breakfast room window since a day early in summer. My daughter had filled the bowl with little succulents and thoughtfully placed it where I could enjoy it as I washed the dishes or ate my lunch.

Succulents at the Breakfast Room Window It was lovely to look at, but the day came when freezing temperatures threatened, and it had to be brought in.  I was a little sad, but…

Hanging Basket of Succulents

I’m loving it even more now that I’m seeing it on this side of the glass!

There is one problem…

This Is the Day the Lord Has Made

Judging by those chains, plants are not the only thing I rescued from the cold!

Hanging Basket of Succulents

The spiders at my house are warm and cozy, hope you are too!




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