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Another Day of Thanksgiving


Two years ago-


A Thanksgiving holiday full of uncertainty.   Still reeling from the diagnosis of cancer only days before, we came to the family gathering with  more questions than answers.   We were playing the waiting game that some of you know all too well. Waiting for the oncologist appointment, the surgery,  the pathology report that would shed a flashlight beam into the murky darkness that filled our view of the future. 

Thinking back to that holiday many things are a blur, but one thing I remember clearly is the emotion behind the words my uncle spoke to me that day as he recalled his own experiences with cancer years before.  As he recounted some of the ways doctors, nurses and others had cared for his body and spirit he assured me that I was about to experience something that, while frightening and difficult, would be quite extrordinary.  I don’t remember the exact words he used, but if I didn’t understand what he was trying to tell me then, I do now.   

Two years down the road now, this Thanksgiving day, a television news story about St. Jude’s hospital caught my attention as I prepared my contribution to the family’s Thanksgiving Day feast.  Even though the piece was a hopeful story of one young woman’s overcoming spirit, I found myself in the midst of a short weeping spell in my kitchen.  Grateful tears for another Thanksgiving Day.  Sad, humble tears as I thought of families I know facing difficult losses while I celebrate.  And mostly tears, like the ones in my uncle’s eyes two years ago, of remembrance.

The road ahead that looked so dark and ominous that day did lead to some scary places.  Even so,  the people that God put along the way did indeed make the experience truly extordinary.   I am grateful for each and every one of them.



I hope your Thanksgiving Day was perfect…

 Thanksgiving Feast

from the turkey on the table…

Turkey Feather

to the herbs seasoning the stuffing…

Sage leaves and chives with seeds

 and the pumpkin in the pie.

Trio of Pumpkins


 I hope no one ruffled your feathers 

Ruffled Feathers


and that it was a day full of love, not thorns.

Prickly Pear Heart




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