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So How’s That Working for Me?

As I have mentioned in an earlier post, my rememberer seems to be broken.  That part of me has never functioned at full capacity, but of late it is in a terrible state of disrepair.  Friends and family try to encourage me with stories of their own forgetfulnesss, or assurances that the post-chemo brainlessness will surely be a temporary phenonenon, but this has not reduced my annoyance with the acute deficiencies of memory I am experiencing or the stress it creates when I forget something I should remember.   So when the Pioneer Woman recently posted that an electronic to-do list called TeuxDeux had changed her life I decided this was just the tool I needed to get myself on track.

After signing up I got right to work entering things I needed to do into my TeuxDeux list.  The most appealing aspect of this app is crossing off an item when it is completed.  How fun it is to see those tasks with lines drawn through them, completed, finished, accomplished.  The most useful, but less satisfying feature, is having an unfinished task from the day before appear on today’s list, assurance that it will not fade into the recesses of my brain, never to be thought of again. 

“So how’s that working for you?” you might ask. 

It’s hard to say. 

There were some successes.   ”Schedule port flush”- done.  “Make new assignment sheet”-  accomplished.  “Buy filing supplies”-a special trip across town was called for just so I could have the satisfaction of crossing it off the list. 

There were some near misses.  “Pick up Dad’s taxes” slipped right by me, busy as I was finishing up my grades for the end of the six-weeks period.  It was only when I got home from school on Friday evening and saw the little paper note on my kitchen cabinet with the same reminder that the words soaked into my consciousness.  I felt a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach when I looked up from the note to see that it was 5:45 pm.  Luckily for me the Friday before tax day is not a day when accountants are prone to go home at five o’clock, and I happen to have the accountant’s cell phone number, so I was able to salvage the situation.  It did get my adrenalin flowing there for a few moments though. 

“Feed silkworms”-I did remember to make a special trip to school on both Saturday and Sunday to feed the ravenously hungry larvae that are presently residing in two aquariums in my classroom, though it was quite late in the evening on Sunday before I actually kept the thought in my head long enough to act on it.  By the time I arrived they had stripped almost every hint of green off of the mulberry leaves I had left them the day before, but they were still alive and well on Monday morning, so I guess I made it just in time.  I think TeuxDeux deserves credit for preventing the necessity for wasting class time to do a hundred caterpillar eulogies after the morning announcements.  Thank  you TeuxDeux.

It is a little beyond the scope of TeuxDeux to remind me to turn off the water when I decided my roses needed a little drink.  A simple timer might have been able to do that, if I could have remembered the thought long enough to get in the house to set the timer.  I didn’t.  I really need a automatic sprinkler system.  And just like the Pioneer Woman, I tend to remember things like the fact that the soaker hose is still releasing precious water  just as she does, ”in the middle of the night when I wake up in a cold sweat after remembering what I’d forgotten.”  Does night air improve memory?  I need to research that.

At least one item was a complete fail.  “Jury duty, 1pm”-right on time, I showed up at Municipal Court to do my civic duty.  When I placed my purse in the bin before going through the metal detector at City Hall the security guard spotted my jury notice.  He was noticably confused, commenting that he didn’t think that a trial was scheduled for that day.  Sure enough he was right.  The notice I was holding clearly stated that the summons was for the next day.  Who knew that municipal court trials take place at odd times during the week, unlike county court trials I’d been called to before, which always begin on Monday.  I had eagerly entered my reminder for jury duty on Monday, April 16th, when the jury summons and the recording on the line I called to find out if I needed to appear or the case had been cancelled clearly stated that “Jurors summoned for services for April 17, 2012 are to appear as scheduled.”   You would think that this might have raised a red flag in my mind since I had written 4/16/12 several times that morning in the folders of students that had not remembered to complete work that was due that day.  (That’s a bit ironic  isn’t it? )  TeuxDeux cannot be held responsible when I enter the to-do item too soon in the calendar, which is better than too late, I suppose.  Even “designy apps” can’t make up for operator error. 

Another thing I forgot TeuxDeux this weekend was to read labels before using products.  My husband had to be at the church building to install a new projector and work out some sound issues, so wore my painting clothes and decided to touch up some spots that needed to be covered on the walls and to paint a wooden baseboard he had constructed to cover some wiring.  As I finished up the job a friend commented on the work I was doing and asked if I was using oil-based paint. I assured her that no, I thought it was latex.  As time for services was soon approaching, I dashed off to rinse out my brush, wash the paint off of my hands and change into some more presentable clothes.  As soon as I stuck the brush under the running water and rubbed my hand into its paint-filled bristles I realized my mistake.    Instead of rinsing away the paint was adhering to me, the sink, and everything I touched.  Not only was church time approaching, but had agreed to help pass communion trays, something women do regularly at our church, but I had never done.  And I was about to perform this duty for the first time with hands the color of Golden Wheat.   After a desperate search for something that might dissolve this coating off of my hands I grabbed the only thing I could find, the Italian dressing for the salad being served after services. 

You may want to sign up for that  helpful reminder app and add  ”Buy Italian dressing”  your TeuxDeux list.  You will be pleased to know that it makes a great paint remover.  Particularly if you don’t mind smelling like Eleven Herbs and Spices.

May you remember everything that matters this week, and don’t forget to stop and smell the roses. And the herbs and spices too!

Pink Rose




  1. Posted 20 Apr ’12 at 9:28 pm | Permalink

    Philip and I *loved* this post. We don’t even mind that you misappropriated some of our Team Seven “Herbs and Spices.” lol

    You are a terrific writer, btw. Whenever I see you have a new blog post, I don’t let myself read it…Philip and I have a tradition of reading these together. ;-)

    • Posted 21 Jul ’16 at 1:58 pm | Permalink

      BJ8 jul ’12Ik heb even de namen veranderd die had gerrroigeecd. Ongetwijfeld staan er nog wel wat namen in die niet goed zijn denk ik. Maar gelukkig ben jij een kenner van vogels!

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