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Radiation Treatment

Was it sunny where you were yesterday? 

We had an absolutely beautiful sun-filled day here. 

Jessamine in the Sunshine

It was a great day for me to bask in the sunshine and get a dose of vitamin D. 

 The Carolina jessamine and rosemary must have used that radiant energy to carry out a lot of photosynthesis. 

(I’m an elementary science teacher, I think about these things.)Jessamine and Rosemary


And this is what the jessamine and rosemary look like today.

Jessamine and Rosemary in the Snow

You never know what to expect from life do you?

Snowy Yard

Snow on the Water Can

A high of around 70 degrees on Monday, Tuesday’s low predicted to be 7 degrees.

Fird Bath Full of Snow

No basking in the sun’s radiant warmth today!

Clay Pot with SnowI got my first dose of another type of radiation yesterday, January 30. 

It didn’t come from the center of our solar system, but from this ominous looking machine.

Radiation Machine

Another component  of the treatment system depends on this significantly more low-tech device.

Permanant marker

My hips now are marked with shapes similar to the state of Missouri. 

Scars and ink marks are an interesting addition to my belly. 

This is my second medical experience where the medical professionals made the body into a sketch pad.  Since I can’t really show you my mapped up body, I’ll show you my mom’s after her rattlesnake bite last summer.  The emergency room staff marked the progression of the venom’s action up her leg with the permanent marker. 


Snakebite-photo 2Snakebite-photo3


Snakebite-photo 5


Who would have guessed that this simple instrument could play such an important role in modern medicine?

Mom is quite recovered from the rattlesnake bite.  Now it was my turn to get inked.

While the radiology technicians worked to get everything positioned exactly right for treatment I reclined on that hard table and tried not to think about my tailbone pressing into the metal. I looked around the room, noticing mesh molds in the shape of heads with ink marks similar to those now decorating my torso.  I gave a silent thanks that they were preparing to aim radiation at my pelvis instead of my brain.  I noticed foam molds hanging in the corner used for positioning bodies for accuracy in treatment. 

Then this caught my eye.

Radiation Room

The same professionals responsible for inking my body with marks to guide my treatment had  written this reminder of the ever-present Helper that sustains us whatever our journery holds.  Even when the trail we follow is treacherous.

Prayer on the Board

Walking in sunlight, all of my journey;

Over the mountains, thro’ the deep vale;

Jesus has said, “I’ll never forsake thee,”

Promise divine that never can fail.


Shadows around me,

Shadows above me,

Never conceal my Saviour and Guide,

He is the light, in Him is no darkness,

Ever I’m walking close to his side. 

Heavenly Sunlight

Heavenly sunlight. 

I’m glad to be reminded of a radiation treatment that will not fail.


Is your life taking you along the sunny path today, or are you grasping your way in the dark shadowy places?


  1. Posted 1 Feb ’11 at 2:02 pm | Permalink

    You don’t just teach elementary students. Plenty of us grownups watch you and Allene…and we are learning.

    • Posted 3 Feb ’11 at 9:10 pm | Permalink

      Thanks for your prayers Lauren. Thankfully I have a great team covering for me while I am recovering.
      Love you!

  2. Posted 1 Feb ’11 at 2:20 pm | Permalink

    Laura, I love you and have been praying for you! That is a wonderful song. I hope that your trials are over soon, and you can enjoy teaching those science lessons again. :)

  3. Posted 5 Feb ’11 at 2:09 pm | Permalink

    This was a beautiful post. Sounds like a scary time. I’m glad you have some sunlight to walk in while you go through this.

  4. Ashleigh @ Sincerely
    Posted 9 Feb ’11 at 9:51 pm | Permalink

    Thank you so much for the comment!

    This was a beautiful post. My older sister battled Ovarian cancer at age 19 and I’m convinced her optimism, much like yours, played a major role in her recovery.


  5. Joy
    Posted 10 Feb ’11 at 8:32 pm | Permalink

    “Heavenly sunlight. I’m glad to be reminded of a radiation treatment that will not fail.” Love it!!

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