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A Week of Gifts

I was the recipient of several gifts this week.  My cousin, Joy, surprised me with a book,  then later another box arrived in the mail from her.  This one contained some lovely skin lotion she had made. Its ingredients were all-natural, and it smelled wonderful! 

My mom has left some surprises at my back door lately.  The latest was a large pot full of iris bulbs from her garden.  Tightwad gardeners like me love free plants. I’ve planted most of them now, but I will have to wait until next year to enjoy their blooms.

My father arrived for our usual Saturday night dinner bearing a couple of gifts for me.  My dad is not exactly the shopping type, so his gifts tend to be a bit out of the ordinary.  These were no exception.

The first was a well-constructed little bird nest. 

Bird Nest

Heavier fibers made up the outer layer, but this thoughtful mom lined it with softer grasses.  A good mother wants the nursery to be comfortable for her little ones.

Inside the Nest

This little winged artist obviously wasn’t satisfied to have an ordinary Plain Jane place for her babies.  She added a special flourish to her cozy little resting spot. 


We all know some pretty fabric can really change an ordinary place into something special!

Fabric Flourish

Dad couldn’t have found a more perfect gift for me in any department store or boutique.  It rates right up there with the turtle shells he sometimes finds for me. 

Turtle Shell


The next gift was even more unusual.  The coffee can container was the first indication that I should be a little wary about the contents.

Coffee Can Surprise

Here is a look at what I found when I peeked inside.  Warning: If you are aren’t the outdoorsy type you might want to just stop right here.

Inside the Coffee Can

“What is it?” you might ask. 

Inside the Coffee Can

“I’m not exactly sure” I would reply.


My fifth grade science teacher knowledge tells me it is the larva stage in the life cycle of some sort of insect, but beyond that I’m stumped. 

Any thoughts? 

I haven’t taken the time to search for the answer yet.  That may be a project for Monday morning in the classroom.

The most unusual gift I received came in a coffee can.  The most unexpected came in the mail.  But the most welcome gift came Friday at my check-up appointment with my oncologist.  Some pesky pain had been worrying me, but a CT scan and blood work showed nothing that worried my oncologist.  That news was a wonderful gift indeed. 

One last gift to mention.  I am happy to have been given a date for the beginning of my chemotherapy.  I will have a small surgical procedure on May 26 to put in the port they will use to administer the drugs.  I will begin my treatments the next day, May 27.  It is nice to have a plan! 

Thanks so much to all of you for the gift of your prayers and encouragement.   I am truly grateful.


  1. Posted 18 Apr ’11 at 8:31 am | Permalink

    You make everyday seem like a gift!

  2. Posted 20 Apr ’11 at 11:19 am | Permalink

    Glad to hear the chemo dates are firm!

    Again, great pictures, great post. Enjoy you tons!

  3. Posted 21 Apr ’11 at 4:03 am | Permalink

    what fabulous gifts…you have to let us know what you what you find out about the thing in the coffee can…your pics were wonderful….your blog made me smile this morning with my coffee…
    thank you and blessings as you begin your chemo….prayers out in the universe for you…..

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