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Life on Princess Street

While you may occasionally find me whining here about the state of my crispy-fried radiated insides or my chemo-assaulted hair follicles, today you are getting the other side of the story.

Almost daily I am the recipient of some sort of gift or special treatment, and I’m getting pretty spoiled.

Alysa baked a delicious chicken pot pie for me recently, and just last night Stephanie, the friend my daughter has graciously shared with me, brought over some tasty pasta and salad she had made. She even serenaded me with some Spanish guitar. I may be missing some sweet music around the fire in Zambia, but the sounds from Steph’s strings are making new memories in my heart.

I continue to be surprised by cards and packages that arrive in the mail.  My friend Nadara even got creative and made me a whole Power Point presentation of encouraging messages.  The mailbox and I are better friends now than we were when I just received junk mail and bills.  Those still come, but the cards make up for it.

My friend Katrina, the cooking blog author, has volunteered her services to create menu items customized to meet any special dietary needs I might have. She also rescued me when I was unable to upload pictures to my blog. Her advice got me going again. That girl is multi-talented!

I even have special parking privileges.

The ladies at the front desk of my oncologist’s office told me that as one of their “chemo ladies” I should speak directly to one of them instead of leaving a message for a nurse call back. When I expressed that if they weren’t careful I could come to expect this royal treatment from everyone they said they understood and they would have my tiara ready for me the next time I came.

Then my husband brought this home to me from his business partner, Colleen.

She had heard that I had felt a bit lousy, so she put together this wonderful assortment of goodies to cheer and entertain me.  Just about everything you can imagine was in that basket.   A movie, encouraging music, candles, scented soap and and a manicure set.  Flower seeds and other garden goodies.  And of course chocolates.  Colleen is the queen of chocolates.  For good old fashioned fun there was a slinkey and some jacks.  I loved playing jacks when I was young.  Did you?

Best of all was this.

It looks like Colleen got the memo about my new royal status.

Now I think I will put on some music, take a bubble bath, then color while I watch my movie.

I’m learning to enjoy life here on Princess Street.

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