Who’s in Control?


God is our shelter and strength, always ready to help in times of trouble. So we will not be afraid, even if the earth is …

Time to Be Still

A Rest in the Prickly Pear Patch

Scratching out a living, finding our place in the pecking order, preening, nesting, tending our chicks;  like hens in the chicken yard we are usually …

Another Pesky Spot

Green-eyed cat among the succulents

Cats come and go in our neighborhood.  Most don’t impress me too much or last too long.  Spot was an exception.  A yellow cat with …

Flowers and Sunshine

Bee feasting on nectar in a red hollyhock blossom

Flowers in my garden make me happy, happy, happy. What made you happy today?   Blessings,    

Seeds of Hope


  The story is reaching its conclusion.   The show began in the warm days of summer.   Bright little leaves were followed by more, larger and …

Balloons of Remembrance

balloons flying

There are days that stick in your mind and stay with you forever. November 22, 2010 is one of those days.  The word “cancer” was …

Another Day of Thanksgiving

Ruffled Feathers_800

  Two years ago-   A Thanksgiving holiday full of uncertainty.   Still reeling from the diagnosis of cancer only days before, we came to the family gathering with  more questions …

Freedom and a Fall Morning in Fredricksburg

Fredricksburg flags

I didn’t come for a ceremony.  The beautiful fall  morning in  Fredricksburg, was perfect for a window-shopping stroll; cool, clear and not-too-crowded. With the exception …

And Then the Squirrel Moved In

"Welcome" Garden Sign

This is the message that greets visitors to my garden. Rather, it did.  Until recently. If you look carefully in the background on the left side …

Never Leave Town Without One of These in Your Bag

African Chitenge Fabric

Only one thing could be better than owning a house at the beach, and that is having a generous friend invite you to stay at …