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What labels could you use to describe your working world?  Is it a world of Sales Quotas and Power Lunches?  Maybe you spend your days in a Man Against the Elements environment, facing the biting cold or scorching heat.  My world is a place where adhesive bandages and a working pencil sharpener are essential to survival. Rather than a Power Lunch, teachers take a Gulp it Down in a Hurry Lunch.   But if I had to give my work place it a label, I would choose the one on my classroom door, and hope that it lives up to the title.

You are about to enter a Learning Zone!

This is My Space.  Come on in and take a look around.

Science Hamster

Meet the Science Hamster, Assistant Supervisor of Learning.  He’ll show you around the place and introduce you to some of the ideas we explore around here.

Terrarium and globes

Spheres.  Ecosystems.  The Water Cycle in action.

Sprouting Avocado Pit

 Growth.  Change.  Refraction.

Wall Bubble Terrarium

Reflection.  Transparent.  Soil.


Space.  Tools.  Measurement.  Thermal Energy.

Bird Nest and Robin Poster

Instincts.  Shelter.  Adaptations. 

Cotton Bolls

Resources.  Seeds.  Texture.

Hands on the silkworm tank

 Touch.  Food Chains.  Life Cycles.  The Wonder of Life.

Epsoms salts remain after evaporation

Dissolving.   Evaporation.  Deposition. 

Hands & Graduated Cylinders

Testing.  Teamwork.

 Mr. Bones, our classroom skeleton

Vertebrates.   Models.  What’s Hidden Inside? 

Beaker of marbles

Density. Solids. Particles. Rainbows.


Country.  Loyalty.  A Sense of Higher Purpose. 


Safety.  Vision.


Magnifiying.  Taking a Closer Look. 

Digital USA map

Or backing away to get Perspective.   Maps.  Images.  Landforms.

Stacks of School Books

 Books.  Words.  Information.

Einstein  & Quotes

Curiosity.  Questioning.  Wondering. 

African Basket of Recycled Wrappers

Reusing.  Recycling.

Flower Art

Seeing Beauty. 

Rocks and Rose Petals

In Everything.


Creating Something Beautiful All Our Own.

Watercolor PaintsGrowing and Changing into the Unique and Never-Before-Seen.

Complete Metamorphosis

Transforming more into What We Are Meant to Be. 

That transformation is almost complete.  Just three more weeks left in the Learning Zone for the 2011-12 year. And the good news is I believe I have just enough adhesive bandages left to hold us together until May 24th!





  1. Joshua
    Posted 6 May ’12 at 5:11 pm | Permalink

    Love that hampster!

  2. Uncle Butch
    Posted 8 May ’12 at 7:27 pm | Permalink

    GREAT WORK!!!!!!!
    You may have to educate your Father on Sild Worms….

  3. Cindy
    Posted 10 May ’12 at 3:36 pm | Permalink

    Wow! You have a great job! It is so exciting to learn new things.

  4. Posted 20 May ’12 at 5:57 pm | Permalink

    I need to do better about doing things with my kids.

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