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Another Pesky Spot

Cats come and go in our neighborhood.  Most don’t impress me too much or last too long.  Spot was an exception.  A yellow cat with no spots whatsoever, he lived on our street for years and years, coming and going as he pleased.  He was an independent soul- needed no one, loved no one, demanded nothing.  He was a hunter and seemed to live by his own rules.

I haven’t seen Spot for quite a while.  I don’t know exactly when he disappeared, because you never expected to see Spot, he would just show up randomly without warning.  Sometimes he would be busy doing what he did best, surviving by his wits.  He might be stalking a bird, which aggravated me, or a squirrel, which pleased me and absolutely delighted my husband.  (We have a long and colorful battle with the squirrel falling down the chimney and getting into our house, but that is a story for another day.)  Other days Spot was content to just lie in the grass, a pleasant companion to me as I weeded the garden.

Though Spot had been a fixture of the neighborhood as long as I could remember, and I did finally notice that I hadn’t seen him around in quite a while, I definitely hadn’t felt a need for a replacement for his position.   None the less, a replacement of sorts seems to have come, and more affectionate and infinitely more pesky replacement he is proving to be.

Gray Cat

His starved appearance told us that he was not the mighty hunter Spot had been.  We had pity on him and hunted up the bag of cat food we had bought and tried to give Spot at some point in the past.  Spot had completely ignored our attempts to rescue him, refusing to be tempted by the store-bought morsels.  Spot liked to live off the land.  This newly arrived creature had no such scruples.  He devoured our offering, and in return offered himself to us as garden companion and entertainer.

Cat in the Garden

What this cat lacks in hunting prowess he makes up for with curiosity. Whatever anyone is doing, he makes sure he is in the big middle of it. While Spot cared nothing for our companionship, this cat craves it and demands it.  I think he took a few years off my daughter’s life by startling her; first by appearing outside her second-story window on a tiny ledge in the middle of the night, later by jumping into the open second-floor casement window she’d left open one afternoon.

Nothing escapes that feline’s eye.  He watches our every move.

Look out garden creatures.

Wire grasshopper in a tree

There’s a new hunter on the loose.

Iron bug in a tree

He has his eye on you.

Green-Eyed Cat in the Succulents

He doesn’t really want to eat you.

Moss Ball of Succulents with a Lizard

Cat food is much tastier than feathers or scales.  But I do recommend that you stay hidden.

Lizard Hiding on the Moss Ball of Succulents

He may not have you for dinner…
Lizard on a moss ball of succulents

But he very well may annoy you to death.




  1. Joy young
    Posted 2 Oct ’13 at 9:57 pm | Permalink

    Your blog always makes me smile! Callie will love to co-adopt this cat!

    • Posted 2 Oct ’13 at 10:08 pm | Permalink

      I assure you this cat will welcome her affections. He makes the rounds and insists that all of us in our little “community” let him participate in whatever outdoor endeavor we are attempting.

      Just tonight some of us were together and we talked about how excited that we were that the time for their arrival into our neighborhood was almost here. So excited!

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