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Looks Like I’ll Need More Yarn

Gray Scarf

A couple of weeks ago I posted my Top Ten Things to Do While Whipping Cancer.  It seems I haven’t made much progress at all on #10, “Try to learn a little French.”  Unless you count checking out the beautiful French blogs that I read (okay, I admit, I don’t read them,  I look at the lovely photos) like Un Coeur en Provence

Speaking of blogs, I’ve spent a few pleasant moments admiring Lucy’s new yarn at Attic24, or reading about Janet’s latest adventure at Janet’s Big Adventure.  Major muscle spasms in my back last weekend made it difficult to pick up my toothbrush,  picking up the laptop was out of the question, so # 9 “Read my favorite blogs” hasn’t really occupied a lot of my time this week. 

I’ve done a little reading.  I’ve read about half of one of the books our preacher delivered to me (check out his blog, Damon Said ), and my friend Kelly brought me a great book, A Romanov Fantasy, about Princess Anastasia that I have started.  I’ve also nearly finished a great book by Robert Reid, Bursting with Life: Triumph Through Cerebral Palsy.  Do you detect a pattern here?  I tend to start any book that happens to be in my vicinity, whether or not I have finished the book I’m currently reading.

 Romanov Fantasy

Anyway, my attention span has been a little lacking, so I haven’t really gotten serious about #8, “Read books” yet.

Most days have been pretty cold, so given my cold-blooded lizard nature I haven’t been too lured to #7 “Enjoy my garden” or #6 “Sit on my porch swing”.  I’ve had a few moments for those on days when the sun is out and the temperature is acceptable, but not much really.

My Favorite Reptile

I can claim some serious progress when it comes to #5, “Make stuff.”  To be specific I’ve focused most of my energy (or my lack of energy) on crocheting.  Mostly scarves.  No one in my family now needs to have a cold neck.  No sir, we have a variety of crocheted neckwear, so our necks will be safe from the elements.  If you see me swinging on the porch swing, no doubt I will be sporting a scarf.

I managed to pull Jessalyn away from her painting job to do a little scarf modeling.  Alysa came around later so I pulled her in to show off her warm neck.

Blue Scarf and Hat

Blue Scarf

V Stitch ScarfHomespun Yarn Scarf

Black Scarf

Light Blue Scarf

Since I am nearing the end of my current yarn supply it is likely that I will be compelled to direct my attention to some other items on my list.  Maybe it’s time to get serious about some French vocabulary.  If the sun comes out you might find me reading on the porch swing.  You can rest assured that whatever I am doing, my neck will be warm and cozy.


  1. Posted 25 Jan ’11 at 5:37 pm | Permalink


    Your crochet is just beautiful! I also love your fabric flowers, so pretty. I am praying for you as you work on your list. :)


  2. Posted 25 Jan ’11 at 6:38 pm | Permalink


    Those scarves are absolutely beautiful! You should sell them– I would buy! :)


    • Laura
      Posted 25 Jan ’11 at 7:03 pm | Permalink

      You are too kind Lauren! Don’t you think it’s time you headed this way?

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