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Thanksgiving Stuffing

Thanksgiving gatherings can be different things for different families.  For some of you it’s lovely table settings and festive centerpieces.

For my family its about stuffing.

Thanksgiving Lunch

Stuffing incredible numbers of dishes onto the serving table in the kitchen where my father’s mother fed her nine children.

Children at the Thanksgiving TableStuffing as many children as possible at the dining table.Cherry Pie

Stuffing pies, cakes and other delicious desserts on the sideboard, and when all space is taken, stuffing the dining table with the overflow.

Pies at Thanksgiving

Maybe even stuffing a slice of pie in your mouth while you wait for your turn in the serving line.

(Image cropped to respect the privacy of the I-Believe-I’ll-Eat-Dessert-First fellow in the background.  Don’t worry xxxxxx, your secret is safe with me!)

But for me, Thanksgiving is all about this stuffing…

Thanksgiving Dressingwhich isn’t stuffed into the cavity of the Thanksgiving Bird, but stuffed into my mom’s speckled enamel pan, just like the one her mom stuffed her dressing into every Thanksgiving. Then the crispy brown outer edges, my favorite morsels, are stuffed into my mouth.

I miss my Grandmothers.  Both of them.  Amazing women, they were. But I am thankful for the way they live on in all of us, in my family.

Today was a good day.



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