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One Thing Leads to Another…

People warn you about this kind of stuff all the time.  Look before you leap.  It’s a “slippery slope”.  There will be consequences for your decisions.

They are right.

One day you are just giving a bit of milk to a starving, scraggly, pitiful little creature.

You find yourself amused by his quirky kitten ways.

You buy cat food.  No big deal.

For months you feel like you have the situation under control.  That is until you are sitting in your living room and hear a “Meow” and you realize that the “doggie door” has become a “catwalk”.

Then it happens.

Cat and a microscope

You find you are one of those people with a cat on the dining table.  (And a microscope.  But that’s another story.)

Sleeping Cat

Not just a person with a cat on the table, but a person with a cat on the table and a camera in your hand, taking a photo of the cat instead of batting it off of the table and stuffing it out the catwalk/doggie door.

Lazy Cat

I’m so ashamed.

So the next time you hear the quiet voice in your head repeating some words of warning, I advise you to listen.

I’ll be busy washing my tablecloth.






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  1. Jammie
    Posted 3 Dec ’14 at 2:01 pm | Permalink

    Yep. Been there and done that. I think I may even have had a microscope and a cat on the table all at the same time. ;-)

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